Apparel Industry Consultant

Expert available for hire on a limited basis for select clients.

Strategic Brand Building, Product Development and Merchandising

 Organized, Results-Oriented, Creative Problem Solver, Specializing in Apparel and Accessories

Providing a variety of fashion and brand promotion freelance services

     Marah is a freelance Apparel Industry Consultant with more than ten years of professional experience in the fashion industry. Marah graduated with a degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management from FIDM in downtown Los Angeles. Marah thrives on working with her clients to build strong foundations for the future while enabling them to develop quality apparel and accessories. Skilled in both production and design, she enjoys participating in the evolution of the product lifecycle (specifically related to products with a focus on function, comfort, innovation, sustainability and technology). As an expert in creative problem solving, Marah understands that long-term planning is key to success. Marah believes in the power of apparel to contribute positively to the human experience.  

“I had the pleasure of working with Marah for over 4 years. I could always rely on her to complete projects with a keen attention to detail and accuracy. She has great communication skills that make her a very effective manager. She is extremely dedicated and takes pride in her work. Anyone would be lucky to have Marah on their team!”
— Taylor Block